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Friday, July 20, 2018
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Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients

The Academic Senate Committee on Distinguished Teaching annually nominates one or more faculty members to receive a Distinguished Teaching Award. The committee receives suggestions, evaluates qualifications, and selects individuals for nomination on the basis of consideration of information from all sources.

Distinguished Teaching Award recipients for the past five years:

Scott L. Fedick, Professor of Anthropology
Neal L. Schiller, Associate Dean & Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Steven F. Ostrow, Associate Professor of Art History
Edward G. Platzer, Professor of Nematology

Timothy D. Paine, Professor of Entomology & Entomologist
Yenna Wu, Professor of Chinese

Leah T. Haimo, Professor and Vice Chair, Biology Dept.
Roger L. Ransom, Professor of History & Economics

M. Robin DiMatteo, Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Marylynn V. Yates, Professor of Environmental Microbiology


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Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients (Past 5 years)

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