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Friday, July 20, 2018
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Flex Classrooms



If you wish to schedule a course in one of UCR’s new Flex Classrooms, please visit to submit a request or e-mail Gladis Herrera- Berkowitz, Director Office of Instructional Development, at


As student profiles continue to evolve, including backgrounds, aptitudes, and expectations, UCR must be prepared to engage its students in a variety of flexible, dynamic learning environments.  These learning environments should not dictate a particular pedagogy nor assume all student learning occurs in the same manner.  Rather, these flexible learning spaces should combine physical appointments and various technologies in such a way that a variety of instructional approaches may be adopted.  The goal of providing such environments is enhanced student engagement and improved learning success.

Recognizing this, UCR has created three Flex Classrooms in the Surge Building to allow instructors to explore a variety of teaching modalities. This is accomplished through the utilization of adaptable, flexible furniture (e.g. wrap-around white boards, moveable conference style tables) as well as various innovative technologies (multiple projection systems with multiple points of control). For more information on scheduling the Flex Classrooms, please contact Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz, Director of Instructional Innovation Programs, at (951)827-4751, or

Examples of Different Potential Classroom Configurations
Multimedia Cabinet & Control Center
Crestron Touchscreen Controls
Dual Independent Display Screens

Faculty Support

UCR will build and renovate many new General Assignment classrooms during the next several years.  Moreover, innovative, engaging pedagogies will become increasingly important to both faculty and students alike during this time.  As a result, UCR’s Flex Classrooms are intended to serve as source of new instructional techniques / approaches / paradigms that will be disseminated and used in a very broad range of courses and classrooms at UCR.

The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, the Registrar’s Office, and Computing & Communications are developing plans to facilitate scheduling of the rooms by faculty wishing to investigate and assess innovative instructional approaches. To schedule a flex classroom for your use, please click here. The Vice Provost also has a number of Instructional Innovation Grants available to faculty who wish to utilize these rooms. More information about these grants can be found by clicking here. Finally, Computing & Communications will provide support to faculty wishing to utilize the space and technologies to promote active, participative learning. If you have any questions about using the technology these rooms, please contact Israel Fletes, Manager of the Multimedia Technologies Group, at x23035, or


The 3 Flex Classrooms currently available include (click on any of the links for more information and pictures of the rooms):

o      Surge 171
o      Surge 172
o      Surge 173

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