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Friday, July 20, 2018
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Teaching Freshman

Faculty Workshop Series on Teaching and Student Learning
Click here to view video clips of Dr. De Gallow's presentation on Teaching Today's Freshmen.

This page will be significantly expand to include many techniques (e.g., suggestions for helping freshman learn) and success stories with teaching freshman but in the mean time ...

The first day:

Manage your anxiety for as Mark Twain once said, "There are two kinds of public speakers – those who admit to their nervousness and liars." Your department has confidence in you, project that confidence and the students will too. So,

Believe in the importance of your teaching freshman. Your future graduate student is probably somewhere in there.

Memorize the first few minutes of your first lecture/presentation. Have a backup plan for delivering the material if all your audiovisual materials become 'unavailable'. Do not always rely on technology to work. At some point (usually the worst) it doesn't. Which leads to:

Test all audiovisual equipment. Needless to say, practice using the equipment before your first day. Avail yourself of the hands-on workshops given by the Multimedia Technology department.

Proofread all printed materials, syllabi, handouts, etc.. There is a typo in there somewhere and it is usually the worst kind.

Review your main points. Make it easy for them to recognize them

Finally, your appearance and demeanor the first day is how the student will ALWAYS remember you. At least this is something you have control over.

Faculty Workshop Series on Teaching and Student Learning

Dr. De Gallow, Director, Instructional Resource Center University of California, Irvine.

The College of Humanities, Arts , and Social Sciences in collaboration with Computing and Communications hosted a presentation by Dr. De Gallow, Director, Instructional Resource Center University of California, Irvine, entitled:

Teaching Today's Freshmen
or, Ozzy's Lifestyle Has Nothing to Do With the Nelson's

Video clips from the presentation:
  Where They’re Coming from Academically

  Where They’re Coming from Cognitively

  How to Get Frequent Contact with Your Students

  What Works Pedagogically: Active/Interactive Strategies

  What Works Pedagogically: Making it Relevant

  Giving and Getting Feedback: The One-Minute Paper

  Why Ozzy’s Lifestyle Has Nothing to do With the Nelson’s

Powerpoint Slides:

De Gallow’s Powerpoint Slides

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