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Friday, July 20, 2018
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Plato's Roundtable

Roundtable -- a discussion or negotiation between several parties or groups who all take part on equal terms.

That is the intent of this faculty interview page: to make visible to the general campus those faculty who have put themselves at the forefront in using various techniques and technology in instruction and education. Plato, the Great Orator and Educator, would be proud...

Faculty Interviews:

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A casual interview with Lawrence Rosenblum, Professor of Psychology talking about using podcasting in his psychology courses. He is a longtime (3 years) user of podcasting. Listen to what he has to say as to how easy it is to implement podcasting in your course.

Active Learning Techniques: an interview with our distinguished guests, Jan Stets, Professor of Sociology, Richard Cardullo, Professor of Biology and Morris Maduro, Assistant Professor of Biology. Each of our panelists is an advocate for the use of Active Learning techniques in the classroom. Active learning is a cluster of teaching methodologies that emphasize interaction and the participation of the student in the learning process. Advocates of Active Learning argue that the active engagement of materials and concepts by the students enhances their retention, and assists them with building the cores skills required within their respective disciplines. Supporters of Active Learning cite scientific studies on the effectiveness of different learning techniques to back their claims. In our panel discussion, Professors Stets, Cardullo and Maduro share their experiences and knowledge gleaned from years of employing these methodologies in a variety of classroom environments.

Play video now! Describing Active Learning
The panelists describe their approaches to Active Learning, and how they employ these methdologies in different classroom environments.
Play video now! How much change is required?
One barrier to employing Active Learning in the classroom is faculty members' fear that they will have to radically alter their approach and classroom content. Here the panelists discuss this concern.
Play video now! Active Learning in different size classes
The panelists share how they modify their approaches to Active Learning based on the class size and other logistical variations.
Play video now! Barriers to Active Learning
The panelists comment on some of the main barriers they've observed to employing Active Learning, including problems with student participation, student resentment, and faculty unease or indifference.
Play video now! Active Learning clichés
Many catchphrases, such as "blurring traditional classroom lines," and "bringing the learning space to the student," have become associated with the Active Learning movement. The panelists discuss the value and problems with such slogans, and some of the potential downsides of using Active Learning techniques.
Play video now! Encouraging faculty innovation
The panelists offer encouragement (and warnings) to other faculty considering increasing the interactivity of their teaching.
Play video now! Dangers of Active Learning
The panelists address the question of whether Active Learning techniques have negative social implications, such as disenfranchising certain groups of students or types of learners.
Play video now! Summary statements
The panelists offer individual summary statements about Active Learning.

Previous distinguished guests at Plato’s Roundtable include:
Dr. Eugene Nothnagel, Professor of Plant Physiology and Plant Physiologist
Roger Ransom, Professor of History and Economics

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